Monday, 14 March 2011

A tribute to the people of Japan

I found this dedication on PatioPatch blog via hurtling towards 60 and beyond. It says all I need to say.

Dedication: To the people of Japan whose many plants grace our own gardens and who have shown us how to create beautiful spaces with a natural and stark simplicity. The quiet dignity and stoicism they have displayed in the face of their country’s utter devastation is an example to us all.

Feel free to do the same. Thank you Laura at Patiopatch.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Birds in the boxes!

This week has not been a good one but I have learnt a lot so as with all experiences I will take it all on board, learn from it and move on.But firstly let me a share a little. There is a depression issue running through the ladies in my family-my mum suffered horribly, I struggle with it and so, unfortunately, does my daughter. This week we had a mental health "crisis"which saw a rush to A&E and a frightening few hours. All is calm now but what I have picked up from people is that there are countless folk working in and around horticulture and gardening who are affected by these issues and the common denominator is that being outside with plants calms issues like these. Reconnecting with the earth you see. So to any of you out there suffering, get outside, grow something, get your hands dirty-I really hope it will help you and I would be really interested to hear from you.
So, I hear you ask, why the picture of the Blue Tit? Well not only do we have them nesting in the boxes at work but a couple of them have started to nest in my box in the garden-its the first time it has been used. And they are so beautiful that I felt the need to share. At work we also have a Mistle Thrush which sings to us every morning from one of the apple trees in the orchard. The song makes you glad to be alive!
On a planty note lots of seedlings are popping their heads through and we are deperately running around trying to make space for everything!!! All my windowsills are full as are both our greenhouses and my coldframe, so today we are taking the hardier things such as Calendula and Lunaria over to the allotment to sit for a while. And then I think it will take us about 10 minutes to refill the spaces we have made!And this week we have ordered even more seed. Oh well, we'll find space for it somewhere....In the mean time here's a picture that will raise the temperature on a grey day.