Sunday, 27 February 2011

Is Spring nearly Sprung?

So the last couple of weeks have been so busy that feet have barely been on the floor. The most exciting thing for The Physic Garden was that the greenhouse that Kristi's lovely Bruce bought for their garden is up,glassed and full of plants and seedlings, which will hopefully soon be poking their little heads through at us. The Pelargoniums are in there too and hopefully soon we will be taking cuttings of them ready for summer sale. They are such lovely plants with amazing scent which we love as they really scent the room they are in.We have plants with scents ranging from clean,crisp citrus to spicy, deep and sensual and with small,delicate leaves to big,furry ones, so there really is something for everyone and thy exclude the need for chemical room scents!
On a totally different note I would like to advise everyone to read Lia Leendertz Midnight Ramblings blog this week-its a concise and to the point comment on the state of the Middle East today and our dependancy on their oil. Its an important comment for everyone but is really critical to anyone interested in gardens and plants.
Our reliance on oil doesn't begin and end with transport or food production. Horticulture can be as oil dependant as either of these things. Pots are manufactured with oil, as are chemical fertilizers and plants are transported all over the world. Plants bought in Holland, Italy or elsewhere in Europe, have often been grown much further afield, using massive quantities of chemical fertilizer, fungicides and insecticides, many Of which we no longer use here due to fear for human health. But this cannot go on for ever and it is great to see that some independant nurseries are now trying to stock plants sourced and grown in the UK.
An important point to remember is that it took the earth 200million years to create its finite quantity of oil and it is estimated that it will take us 200 years to use it up. A scary reality.
On a less sober note, surely Spring is nearly here! I am desperate to get down onto the allotment and get some stuff in to the soil. As it is every time we set off to spend time there it starts to rain or we get there and its so sodden it takes all my time just to keep on two feet. In fact Kristi and I were there a week or so ago and I had such a spectacular fall that I kin of wish we had put a video of it on UTube!! So next weekend my aim is to sow parsnips, shallot sets, early carrots, Brusssel Sprouts and some lettuce to start us off for the season. Oh, and I need to do some work in the garden too but yet again its raining. I can feel a panic rising, but let's try to keep it in perspective!!
I also have joined the Blotanical site this week so would like to say Hi to anyone who has found me on that...I hope you enjoy!!!


  1. Spring is definitely here - I'm getting hayfever already.

    We've chitting the potatoes (I'm told that's the technical term) and planning to sow chilli, parsley, mini cucumbers and squash in the next week. I say 'we' - actually I just supervise (I can't cook AND garden) ;)

    Good luck with your sowing and stay off your a*se (in the falling down sense, natch).

  2. Sometimes I feel like the best thing I can do about the world situation is just keep gardening. As I hand turn a bed without using any fuel, but my own calories, I have to think it is a good thing. Looking forward to my first daffodil as soon as we have something other than snow and cold rain!

  3. Hi Sara! Nice to meet you on Blotanical! Spring is here, and we just need several dry days. Love your daffodils!