Thursday, 12 January 2012

WTF and the smallest forest garden in the land!

So the last year or so has been quite amazing. First the lovely Kristi talked me into starting The Physic Garden. Then I joined Twitter and started to talk to the very wonderful @EmmmaB of Bath Garden Design fame, who I have subsequently met several times and has become a true friend.
Between us we have decided that there appear to be an awful lot of folk about who take gardening so seriously that they seem to have forgotten to enjoy it. Its ok to be serious about plants and about good design, but life is short enough and along side that seriousness we would like to see people having some fun. So we have decided to do something about all this but starting the WTF Gardening blog and Twitter page with the idea that if people are having problems, want help or information, they can tweet us and we will blog the answer. Eventually the blog will end up being a sensible yet fun and down to earth guide to how to garden, along with some things that will make you(hopefully)laugh!!
 The blog can be found at and we will tweet all new posts. I really hope you look forward to reading it and that it makes you laugh. Our theory is that gardening should make you smile all year round.
For Christmas I received Martin Crawford's book on creating a forest garden. This is something that makes me smile and so I thought, seeing as how The Physic Garden is concentrating on growing perennial veg and herbs and fruit, that it was really time for me to overhaul the garden. Now my garden is tiny- literally 3m by 3m, and I have had to remove a whole load of stuff, and in doing so accidentally removed half a wall, and there is still more removal to go, but I have worked out that in that space I can get at least 4 espaliers, some step-overs and some dwarf fruit as well as loads of herbs and some vegetables. But watch this space as I shall blog about it regularly(!). The above photo of an espalier was taken at Rousham last summer, a garden which I could, and probably will, go on about at length. However that is for another time.
And while we're talking about WTF, why are there daffodils flowering in my garden already. Lord help us if we have a bad frost!!


  1. Look forward to hearing about Rousham, which always disappoints in my experience. Will you be able to make me laugh at it? Hoping so!


  2. I hope that WTF gardening helps to remind us to keep our humour in our garden - and here's to a successful year for your ventures

  3. Good luck Sara. You always make me smile anyway! Shall follow your blog with interest. Have forwarded your blog to friends in America too x

  4. Well done Sara, looking forward to reading your blogs!xx

  5. Great stuff. We need a little light relief...the Higgledy garden is just sooooo bloody serious. ;)

  6. Well done Sara,I am enjoying reading your article. Thankyou....