Sunday, 16 April 2017

Garden Visits!! Truffles.

This afternoon, having spent the morning potting on plants, we toodled off to Bishop Stanton, a hop, skip and a jump away, to see a garden called Truffles. We always try to see as many gardens that are open for the National Gardens Scheme as possible, but with Mr V's back being so poorly last year we visited almost none, so there's some catching up to do.  
I don't have to go on about why I love the NGS as I've spoken of it often and the statistics in terms of their fundraising speaks far more than I ever could. I do think it's worth saying though that having worked with various people who have opened their gardens, it is akin to opening your soul for all to peer in, and not at all an easy thing to do, so I applaud each and every person who does so.
Anyway, here's a walk through the garden via photos. I'm going to do more blogs like this over the year; less words and more garden beauty!! So I'll shut up and give you Truffles.....
Arriving and seeing the yellow welcome signs always makes me smile.

A beautiful pond greets you, surrounded by marsh marigolds and this quite magnificent Gunnera. 

These 3 Silver Birch lead the visitor from the pond out into an expanse of lawn planted with beautiful raised beds of tulips. The predominant colours used are yellows and blues with forget me nots and stunning yellow tulips everywhere. 

This is a wildflower area and the photo really doesn't do it justice! Primroses, fritillaries and camassia which were on the verge of opening, jostled with clovers and vetches. A true labour of love I would think and I would love to see it in late Spring to see how it progresses.

And the veg garden. This was a superb use of space, as it is really in a hidden dell that I suspect gets wet and sodden in the rain, but the raised beds will counteract that. The beds are quite high and even now had some crops in them.
The veg garden from another angle. The garden is full of slopes and twists and turns which lead you from one area to the next, with no clue as to what is coming. Little did we know that the best was yet to come.....

A beautiful woodland glade meanders through the garden at the same level as the sunken veg patch. Filled with ferns, hellebores, bluebells and a carpet of wild garlic it is a stunning space.

Whilst this area looks quite wild in the first instance, it is quite obviously managed tightly to stop the weeds from creeping in. 
This is both the beginning and end of the woodland glade. To the left the visitor goes around a corner to the sunken veg patch and to the right back up to the lawn area at the back of the house. 
A circular herb garden welcomes the visitor back to the area behind the house with the silver birches across the lawn. Not spectacular now but I do like this design for herbs and will be a thing of beauty in a few weeks.

Heading into the front garden here is a much better view of the magnificent veg garden with its great compost bins. I think these are cleverly placed as it would be possible to drop compostable material in from the top as well as in front of them.

And finally Tulip Burnt Sugar is placed in several areas in the garden and the scent is extraordinary!! 
This garden has been made, as in designed, built and planted, by its owners over a 20 year period as they have added to their plot with land surrounding it. I think it's a wonderful garden, and one well worth a visit. Plus, the cake was magnificent.....


  1. Woah now that is a varied space with lots of interest - lovely.

  2. The garden looks immaculately maintained - something I particularly admire!

    1. It was Mark-it was absolutely spotless, which particularly stood out in both the veg and woodland areas. It was a great way to spend Easter Sunday afternoon.