Sunday, 7 May 2017

Garden Visits-A Trip to Feed Bristol

Yesterday, in the vague hope that getting out of the house would calm the Malvern nerves, (see my previous post), we toodled off to Feed Bristol, Avon Wildlife Trust's award winning food growing community garden and agro-ecologically based site. It's a spectacular space that supports health and well being and also gives small producers space to develop their businesses. On site are salad growers, herb specialists, a small CSA, mushroom growers and an incredible nursery that specialised in wild flowers.

Feed Bristol is open on the first Saturday of every month, often with an event going on, but always with the nursery open and the space there to enjoy. It's an extraordinary space that allows you to relax, and the kettle is always on!!


 Feed Bristol is in Stapleton, in East Bristol and more info can be found at


  1. Afro-ecologically based site - that's a new one on me. I think you need a photo of the record of 'giraffe' on the wildlife observation board to clarify that one.

  2. Thanks-it's been changed!!