Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Today's Favourite is.....Auriculas

Oh my!! Auriclas make my heart sing with joy. They remind me of that favourite vegetable that is only around for a few short weeks each year and that you almost forget about in between. When it does appear however, you are joyous and eat it every day whilst you can, savouring every mouthful.
Of course the other thing I love about Primula auricle is that they are, whilst looking like they are tender and difficult, tough as old boots as long as you keep them fed and watered and split them on a regular basis so they don't become too large. Just like the rest of the primula family, they just keep on giving, year after year!
One day I will have an auricle theatre but in the meantime here are some I adore.....
Taken at the RHS Malvern Spring Festival

Should have noted the name!!

A stunning double!!

Auricla Double Trouble


  1. These are stunning! I don't have any in my garden yet...better add to the wish list :) Cheers, Mary Jane

  2. I love them too!! It's a recent passion for me, and I'm hoping I'll manage to keep mine alive. My auricula theatre just went up on the wall this week. It isn't looking perfect yet, and needs a bit of attention, but it's so lovely to have the flowers at eye height.

    1. Oh-I would love to see a photo of it!!

  3. Auriculas are wonderful - always a favourite