Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Today's Favourite..........Bloom Fringe

I just got home from a weekend at Bloom Fringe in Dublin and I have to say I am reinvigorated and ready to really push change through good use of public realm land and through supporting people in that change!
Bloom Fringe is run by 3 fierce ladies, Esther, Marion and Roisin, all of whom completely understand the notion that if you make a space useable, beautiful, safe and accessible, people will use that space. 
It isn't rocket science. 
Some good planting. 
Somewhere to sit. 
A few activities. 
Something to occupy the kids. 
An easy learning opportunity.

Bloom Fringe made that happen in 2 spaces one the weekend and what a change we saw happen, before our very eyes......
From lost, unloved spaces came beauty and from that beauty came productivity and life. 
Children playing in soil. 
People talking about the plants that were there to give away. 
People playing and learning to play chess.
Communities meeting and connecting. 
Smiles, laughter and happiness.......

There is a lot more to say and that will come but what I brought away was hope. Hope for a new way. Hope for change. 
Hope for a future that puts kindness at it's centre. 
Hope that we can see a future where prosperity is measured in more than money.
The power of small actions at work.

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