Monday, 10 January 2011

The beginning!

So now I need to begin and with what? Well the aim of this blog is to create a record of the beginning of The Physic Garden project, growing herbs and interesting edibles with the emphasis on producing beautiful plants that can also be useful, in either culinary, medicinal or just cultural ways. So to begin we have sown chilli seeds of several varieties and are about to start sowing some perennial herbs like Echinceas and Salvias And we will see how they go! Already some of the chillis have poked their heads up, but then its the hard time, trying to give them enough moisture without them succumbing to damping off disease and then pricking them out before they get too big to separate but not until they are big enough to handle-oh the pressure!!!
And then what? Well i guess some annual herbs and some interesting edibles like aubergines and gourds and some interesting fruit like wild strawberry and lingonberries maybe. In fact feel free to post any ideas!!
And please everyone, feed those garden birds so they come back in the spring and help with the pesr control!!

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