Sunday, 16 January 2011

Fizzy legs

Well what a weekend! Yesterday we visited the Butterflies in the Greenhouse exhibition at RHS Wisley which was absolutely beautiful with butterflies fluttering around everywhere and lots of flowering tropicals and orchids. But a word of warning-get there early as its very popular with young families and much as I love kids......enough said!
So today I have been very busy sowing seeds for the nursery, including lots of Echinaceas,Salvias and Phlomis as well as taking the Chillis we sowed last week out of the propagator and onto a warm windowsill as they have already germinated!!And this afternoon we took our men to see the greenhouse that we hope to be setting the nursery up in and they both seemed reasonably impressed by it and couldn't find a single negative so hurrah to that! I'm am so excited about all this that I seem to have permanently fizy legs just like you get before Christmas when you're a child who still"believes!"
This is a picture of Echinacea purpurea Pow Wow Wild Berry,one of the echinaceas I sowed today.
Plans for the week-keep on sowing!!


  1. I love the look of that Echinacea - where did you get your seeds from?

  2. They came from Plants of Distinction but beware-there are only about 10 seeds to a pack!! But if they look as good as the picture I will be very happy-will keep you informed.