Thursday, 20 January 2011


Ok,so I have no intention of preaching but at the moment I work for a nursery that buy in all their stock, mostly from abroad and so generally from plant warehouses rather than nurseries and I do not get how that can be good for the environment. Lots of the Dutch/Belgian plant dealers buy in stock that has often originated in the far east,opening up risk of all sorts of pests and diseases appearing that would otherwise never survive the swim from their place of origin. Why do people do this,I ask myself,when there are so many nurseries in the UK that produce beautiful plants that are well grown with care and attention?

The answer,as I see it is this. Proper nursery people are in it for the plants, and lets face it, its really exciting to grow something stunning and never fails to bring a grin on!! But to some plants are merely a commodity to make money and this is so sad I can't even put it into words.So the answer-don't go to places that are plant warehouses, seek out your local nurseries,who will be able to give you more advice than you could ever need, and ask where plants have been bought from. If you don't like the answer then go elsewhere and tell them why!!!!And look out plant fairs where the really small nurseries, including hopefully us at some of them this year,where you can talk plants to your hearts content with lots of different nurserymen. And if you find us there come say hi.

Ok-I'm off the soapbox now and would like to share with all that the Chillis are looking good and at the weekend the sowing bonanza will continue with .......well I'll tell you next time and produce some photos of what's growing now.

In the meantime I'm off to order more seeds, this time from Jungle Seeds who are really worth a look at online I will try to be restrained but chance!!

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